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Looking for reliable Toronto air conditioning service? Look no further! Our experienced team at Energy Clean provides top-notch installation, repair, and maintenance solutions tailored to meet your cooling needs. Trust us to keep you cool and comfortable all year round. We have over 10+ Years of Experience!

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In the city of Toronto, where summers can get sweltering and winters biting cold, reliable air conditioning services are a necessity rather than a luxury. Among the trusted providers in this domain is Energy Clean, a seasoned player known for its top-notch services. Energy Clean offers a comprehensive range of Toronto air conditioning solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of Toronto's residents and businesses. From installation and maintenance to repairs and replacements including ductless air conditioners, they excel in ensuring optimal indoor comfort year-round.

With Energy Clean, clients can expect professionalism and expertise at every step of the process. Their skilled technicians are adept at handling various types of air conditioning systems, whether it's central air, ductless mini-splits, or commercial HVAC units. Beyond mere installations, they prioritize regular maintenance to enhance system efficiency and prolong lifespan. Should any issues arise, their prompt and efficient repair services guarantee minimal downtime, ensuring uninterrupted comfort for homes and businesses across Toronto. Whether it's a scorching summer day or a frosty winter night, Energy Clean stands ready to deliver reliable Toronto air conditioning services that keep you cool.

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A central AC unit distributes air using fans, ductwork, and vents throughout a house. So, most times, these types of AC double as furnace systems. That said, central air conditioners typically cost between $2,500 and $7,000, including the installation fees.

A very general rule of thumb states that you should have 1 ton of air conditioning for every 600 square feet of space in your home. Another way to estimate air conditioner size is to allow approximately 20 BTU (British Thermal Units) per square foot. According to these computations, a 1,500-square foot home, for instance, would need a central air conditioner of roughly 2.5 tons or 30,000 BTU.

Your air conditioning system should serve you well for 10-15 years, or even longer if you use it moderately (that is, not running the air conditioner full blast 24/7 throughout the summer). All you need to do is maintain it well and schedule regular professional tune-ups annually.

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Important Factors For Choosing Your Air Conditioner In Toronto & GTA


Referring to the cooling prowess of an air conditioner, capacity is quantified in British thermal units per hour (Btu/hr.) or measured in "tons," with one ton equivalent to 12,000 Btu/hr.


Efficiency delineates how effectively an air conditioning unit delivers cooling per watt of electricity consumed. This efficacy is denoted by the seasonal energy-efficiency rating (SEER). A higher SEER signifies greater potential for reducing energy expenditure.

Service Agreements

An inclusive service agreement for central air conditioning blends routine check-ups with discounts on repairs and labor warranties, adding value to the overall purchase. The pricing for such packages can vary significantly.

Smart Thermostats

Optimizing the use of programmable thermostats can slash cooling expenses by approximately 10 percent. Moreover, employing auxiliary cooling methods like box or ceiling fans in conjunction with central air conditioning, which incur minimal operating costs, can create a perceptible 3°F to 4°F cooling effect.

System Upgrades

When considering an upgrade to your central air conditioning system, it's prudent not to automatically opt for the same size unit. Any enhancements made to boost your home's energy efficiency, such as window upgrades or increased insulation, can diminish cooling requirements. Modern high-efficiency air conditioning systems outperform their predecessors by 20 to 40 percent in terms of efficiency, even when compared to models manufactured just a decade ago. The cost of central air conditioning systems can fluctuate, contingent upon factors such as the need for ductwork installation and the specific size and layout of your residence.

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Is your Toronto air conditioning unit failing to cool effectively or completely broken down? Feeling the heat and seeking rapid assistance? Our expert team of licensed installers and technicians is on standby to promptly diagnose any issues with your current setup, presenting efficient repair remedies or replacement alternatives to ensure your comfort throughout the summer season. In urgent situations, our dedicated team members can even respond within the same or next day* to address your HVAC emergency promptly, delivering swift and cost-effective solutions.

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